Christmas 2020

Christmas for me this year was a time of solitude. To be still, to be reflective and above all to be grateful for all the blessings and provisions from my Heavenly Father that got me throughout 2020.

2020 started out for me with uncertainty: the career trajectory as a freelancer and the demands that came with it, however, it was a thrilling journey.

Met many different people in my line of work, working in different sectors and above all balancing the two and later three freelancing gigs all at once.

My Mum passing on this year was also a major event in our family lives, while Mum was declining in her health, we did not expect her to go so soon as this year, but we know she is in a much better place, free from pain. We kept the formalities to a minimum and the important thing was that we celebrated her life with dignity. We miss our Mum, especially during this Christmas season but we try to uphold the lessons she imparted about sharing,supporting and loving each other always. I hope I can be half the person my Mum was when she walked this earth, but I also know that my Mum is proud of me and what I have achieved.

So back to Christmas this year. My siblings went to spend Christmas at a resort while I spent Christmas at home with my niece and nephew. For us at home, it was simple, no over cooking, no overeating, we thought of those who might be struggling to put food on the table especially after last week’s cyclone and we just enjoyed each others company.

As we are still in the festive season, I pray that the peace of Baby Jesus enters the hearts of mankind during these unprecedented times of dealing with the pandemic, natural disasters and other conflicts, that we can be kind to each other and to others.


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